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O’Malley Music is a company dedicated to providing a very high level of customer service from product consultation to implementation and training. If you do not learn how to use the gear you buy, doesn’t that become the most expensive gear you’ve ever purchased? We offer high quality instruments at competitive prices for home and stage, but have a passion for todays high tech products and love to see our customers gigging or recording or simply enjoying them to the fullest.

Jerome –

Having spent 5 years from 1996-2001, as a District Sales Manager for the Musical Instrument Division of Roland Corporation U.S. and 3 years in several positions at Yamaha Corporation Of America, Jerome loves to keep abreast of the current trends in musical instrument technology. As a keyboardist, vocalist and guitarist, he has been involved in music his whole life. His professional career in the musical instrument industry started with Hohner, maker of the Clavinet & Pianet performing and presenting at a warehouse show for CMI in Chicago when he was 17. He has also work as a Product Specialist for Kaman and Casio.

Now he manages O’Malley Music a music store based in Evergreen, Colorado. In addition to his solo piano concerts, local acts such as ‘The Boomers Band’ and ‘The John Adams Band”John Denver Tribute Artist’ are two of the premier bands with whom he performs.

As a live keyboardist and recording session player, Jerome has worked with artists such as Brenton Wood ‘Just Give Me A Little Sign Girl’, John Adams (John Denver Tribute Artist), Lights (Journey Tribute Band), Bowser, Kevin James Healey (Crooked Lane), Jim Krubeck, Jill Lorenz, and Mr. Skinny (Phat Songs – LGI Radio), and The Whitlocks.

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