Walden CG2000CEQ Steel String Acoustic Electric & Walden Hardshell Case

Walden CG2000CEQ Steel String Acoustic Electric & Walden Hardshell Case


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Walden CG2000CEQ Steel String Acoustic Electric & Walden Hardshell Case

The Concorda Line

In accordance with requests from players and artists, Walden Guitars has created the Concorda line: gloss finished solid wood instruments with the quality, voice and playability for which Walden is known. Concorda guitars are coated with a Polyester/Polyurethane high gloss finish, resulting in a clear and penetrating sound. Concorda steel-string guitars feature a two ring inlaid wood rosette with a center section of Maple and Mahogany, understated micro-dot position markers, and the elegant headstocks used on the SupraNatura line of guitars. A full range of body selections, wood combinations, and solid top and all-solid wood models are available. Included in this line is Walden’s “Stage” model, optimized for live performance.

Features of the CG2000CEQ

Grand Auditorium body shape

Walden’s proprietary Grand Auditorium body is an elegant, stylish guitar. With a slightly wider lower bout than our traditional Dreadnought and a narrower waist and upper bout, the Grand Auditorium speaks with ample bass balanced by clear and brilliant trebles. Inviting and wonderfully playable, the Grand Auditorium’s rounded contours are visually pleasing and comfortable in your arms.

Solid Sitka Spruce Top Material

North American Sitka Spruce produces a loud and balanced voice with a strong fundamental. Sitka top guitars are sought after by players with a strong attack.

Solid Indian Rosewood Back and Side Material

One of the world’s most prized guitar woods for back and sides, Indian Rosewood is visually gorgeous. Sonically, Indian Rosewood is complex, warm and deep.

“Pre-War” Scalloped-X Soundboard Bracing

On the SupraNatura line of steel-string instruments, Walden incorporates a scalloped-X braced design based on the great guitars of the pre-World War II era.

2-way Adjustable Trussrod

All Walden guitars incorporate a 2-way adjustable truss rod that allows you to control the exact string height suited to your personal playing style. Walden’s 2-way truss rod also allows for the precise tuning of your guitar’s setup in response to seasonal changes.

Carbon Graphite Rails

All Walden 1000-4000 Series guitars feature a modern thin-profile neck that is reinforced with Carbon Graphite. This feature is unique to Walden among comparably priced instruments, which increases stability and adds harmonic content.

Venetian Cutaway

Our gracefully curving Venetian-style cutaway provides easy access above the 12th fret for a classical guitar and the 14th fret on a steel-string guitar.

Fishman Prefix Pro

The Fishman Prefix Pro offers volume control as well as bass, treble and a wide-range semi-parametric EQ which allows you to isolate certain frequencies and boost or cut them as needed. Additional notch filter, brilliance slider and phase switch for performers who desire more control of their sound.
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