Walden D710CE Steel String Acoustic Electric Guitar w/Gig Bag

Walden D710CE Steel String Acoustic Electric Guitar w/Gig Bag


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Walden D710CE Steel String Acoustic Electric Guitar w/Gig Bag

Natura Line

High-grade all solid wood soundboards, Mahogany necks, and Indian Rosewood bridges and fingerboards guarantee rich, dynamic sounding guitars that improve the more you play. All Natura bodies and necks are fully bound and incorporate the understated elegance of tasteful trim designs. A pearl Walden logo, 2-ring inlaid rosette, and distinctive Walden headstock and bridge grace every Natura guitar. In the U.S. tradition, neck and body are finished separately with satin lacquer and joined by a hand-fit bolt-on neck joint. This neck design results in a clean transition between the neck and body. Inside each Natura guitar we incorporate a scalloped-X spruce-braced soundboard and a 2-way adjustable truss rod.

Features of the D710CE

Dreadnought body shape

The Dreadnought body design dates back to the early 1900s. This grandfather of modern guitar body shape is respectfully represented by the Walden Dreadnought. It delivers the powerful bass, round mids, and crisp trebles expected from this body shape. With any wood combination, the Dreadnought is a big guitar with a big voice.

Solid Engelmann Spruce Top Material

North American Engelmann Spruce is a beautiful, rich, whitish soundboard wood. With the volume and crispness inherent to all spruces, Engelmann adds its brilliant complex overtone structure.

Solid Indian Rosewood Back and Side Material

One of the world’s most prized guitar woods for back and sides, Indian Rosewood is visually gorgeous. Sonically, Indian Rosewood is complex, warm and deep.

Scalloped-X Soundboard Bracing

Walden Standard and Natura steel-string lines incorporate scalloped spruce X bracing on their soundboards. The scalloped-X brace and scalloped tone bars provide instruments with good clarity and openness of voice, while stabilizing the soundboard against the pull of the strings.

2-way Adjustable Trussrod

All Walden guitars incorporate a 2-way adjustable truss rod that allows you to control the exact string height suited to your personal playing style. Walden’s 2-way truss rod also allows for the precise tuning of your guitar’s setup in response to seasonal changes.

Glass-fiber Rails

Walden 500-700 Series guitars incorporate two rails of “Glass-fiber” which adds strength, stability and harmonic advantages.

Fossalite Nut and Saddle

Walden uses Fossalite nuts and saddles produced by Graph Tech, makers of the precision materials Tusq and Nubone. This synthetic material is used on Walden 300 through 700 series instruments. Approximating the tonality of vintage bone, Fossalite increases the warmth and depth of the instrument’s harmonics and tone as well as contributing pristine highs and mids.

Venetian Cutaway

Our gracefully curving Venetian-style cutaway provides easy access above the 12th fret for a classical guitar and the 14th fret on a steel-string guitar.

B-Band T35 3-Band EQ with Tuner

  • Tuner ON / OFF button. Tuner can be used without preamp being plugged-in
  • All-in-one, drop-in installation format
  • Single input – (for UST pickup)
  • HZZLess low noise / high output circuit
  • 3-band EQ
  • LED low battery and “blink” switch-on status
  • Supplied with output jack / battery box one-piece assembly
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