Walden SupraNatura D2040 Steel String Pure Acoustic Guitar w/ Hardshell Case


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Walden D2040 Steel String Pure Acoustic Guitar & Deluxe Hardshell Case

We have two immaculate D2040’s in stock. These are B Stock models, but are “like new”

They may have been used as display models at a trade show or something

They both sound amazing and are easy to play even at the twelfth fret

SupraNatura Line

Handmade designs and features grace all SupraNaturas. Focus is placed on appreciating the quality and beauty of wood. All SupraNaturas are detailed with all-wood binding and trim, wood inlaid rosettes, and wood bridges and end pins. A modern thin neck allows smooth execution of fingerstyle techniques, and inlaid rails of carbon graphite ensure both the stability and the sonic balance of this narrow-profile neck. Fully compensated bone saddles and bone nuts contribute to the SupraNatura’s exceptional depth, sustain and complexity. SupraNatura guitars come with the line specific faceted Walden bridge, graphite reinforced narrow profile neck and tapered Walden headstock.

Features of the D2040

Dreadnought body shape

The Dreadnought body design dates back to the early 1900s. This grandfather of modern guitar body shape is respectfully represented by the Walden Dreadnought. It delivers the powerful bass, round mids, and crisp trebles expected from this body shape. With any wood combination, the Dreadnought is a big guitar with a big voice.

Solid Sitka Spruce Top Material

North American Sitka Spruce produces a loud and balanced voice with a strong fundamental. Sitka top guitars are sought after by players with a strong attack.

Solid African Mahogany Back and Side Material

Also known as Khaya Mahogany, its interlocking grain contributes to excellent strength and stability.

“Pre-War” Scalloped-X Soundboard Bracing

On the SupraNatura line of steel-string instruments, Walden incorporates a scalloped-X braced design based on the great guitars of the pre-World War II era.

2-way Adjustable Trussrod

All Walden guitars incorporate a 2-way adjustable truss rod that allows you to control the exact string height suited to your personal playing style. Walden’s 2-way truss rod also allows for the precise tuning of your guitar’s setup in response to seasonal changes.

Carbon Graphite Rails

All Walden 1000-4000 Series guitars feature a modern thin-profile neck that is reinforced with Carbon Graphite. This feature is unique to Walden among comparably priced instruments, which increases stability and adds harmonic content.

Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Nitrocellulose lacquer is made from plant fiber. Because it can vibrate along with the moving soundboard, it has been the finish material of choice among the best luthiers since the late 1800s. A satin finish allows for the application of a thin coat, transferring more energy into creating beautiful music. A satin finish is also smoother than a glossy finish which can sometimes feel sticky. this allows the musician to play with greater ease and speed.
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